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Kakek Tua tua keladi bercinta dengan gadis belia

While mature women dating younger men is the latest trend, there are women continuing to find beautiful relationships with older men. Here is one of those stories.

I have been dating a man 20 years older than me (Couple with 41 year age gap). We have been together 6 months and have not had any problems. He has a child (5) and so do I (3). I have been married once for about 4 years and had been in a serious, committed relationship with my husband for about 5 years prior to that. My ex-husband had been cheating on me while I was pregnant and started taking care of my newborn. Since I have been in my new relationship, I have not been this happy in I don't know how long. Our only real difference is our age - it took a little bit to get used to, and of course, I was extremely careful just being a younger woman, and afraid of taken advantage of. I knew him for about two years and was attracted to him even before we discussed our attraction and why we both had these feelings. I met him through my father - they are like best friends. The age gap is no big deal in his family but it's a little bit harder for my family since they come from a fairly small Wisconsin town. This man is wonderful: he loves and respects me, he's not bossy, he loves helping out, he hardly acts or looks his age, but yet, he has the wisdom that we need. We learn new things from each other all the time. We have so many similarities despite being two decades apart. As far as the lovemaking goes, it's better than perfect. Men my age want as much as they can get, wherever they can get it and just care about themselves. With this man, if I need or want something, I don't even really need to say.

He just knows. We have no complaints; only we can't get enough of each other. Things are so great that I sometimes get scared. Please tell me if it is all normal and if there are other women like me. Actually your relationship is not unusual a lot - we can say this based on dozens of messages we receive each week (if you wish to share your story, use the link below). In fact, age gap among couples is losing its important and even older women are finding wonderful relationships with younger men.

Now as you have said, the 20 year age difference is a big difference, but the good thing about your relationship is that you both have been able to take advantage of each other's strengths - for example, you as a young woman bring more energy and youthfulness to the relationship, while he brings maturity and wisdom to it. In other words, best of both worlds.

It seems that you are both happy and things are going well for you. Yes, people around you might see this as odd, but listen to me, if you love it, forget the rest. What good is a man your age if he can't make you happy? And if this man makes you happy, well, then he is your man.