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Kissing and Kiss

Even amongst teenagers, guys generally take it that to get a woman agree to his whims and fancies, he needs to get extremely closer to her mouth, it is only then can he get his hands all over her.
But then there are those unfortunate people who are truly bad kissers and possibly to make up for their lack of kissing prowess that they take too seriously. Probably a case of the sub-conscious playing on! Many men and women when questioned came along with much the same answers, that they’ve yet to master the art of kissing. There are several kinds of kisses I gather. Some soft, others intimate, some called butterfly kisses and others wet and deep. The way to kiss a person is probably the last thing that parents might teach their children, so peers have to either learn it from the movies or from their friend’s circle. And we all know that half knowledge is dangerous, and even more so if its not been experimented upon. Talking about the kinds of kisses in general, its interesting that sans words, kisses can mean a lot, of course where you might get kissed is quite a different story altogether.
Types of Kisses
We’ll start with the ordinary cute small kiss, that you might have received from your mom, while tucking you in bed. Then comes the teary kiss, during emotional moments, that’s slightly longer than the peck you received last night. Followed by which is the nervy kiss for first time lovers.

The French kiss I am sure needs no introduction, the wet and messy entangling of feelings that mean that there’s more to the story than just lip locking. Close to the heels of this type of kiss is the cannibalistic kiss, the one with bruises, or love bites as it were. These are kisses with a deliberate action of hurting, oops, sorry bruising your loved one, leaving what may experience as a slight sweet feeling pain either on the nape of your neck or close to your ear. These are perhaps two of the most famous places, simply because of the network of sensitized veins that can play havoc with your mental faculties.

Another type of the kiss, quite similar to the cannibalistic kiss is the suffocating one. Here of course along with the bruises that are a default package, you also have two people infuriatingly gasping for breath! Of course this sort of a kiss can be rather suffocating, and a bit dangerous like the French kiss with the saliva passing on any type of infection to the other including the HIV.

The suffocating kiss as I would term it, has three phases. (You may seek to disagree but I guess I could not have broken up this into a more explicit description!) One is the inquisitive phase where you are trying to search for places within each other’s mouth for an enhanced feeling of ecstasy. The second is the overpowering, emotional and pacing kisses almost not letting the other one breathe, and the third phase releases the grasp as it were, and easing the breath of each other, yet prolonging the action into a great, wet and intoxicating kiss! Phew! I said it at last! I really wish I could give you a better description, but then this is the best what I could manage. Go ahead, indulge…. Make love not war!